In this circumstance, Cancer Care and Research Trust Bangladesh (CCRTB) will act as a platform where cancer patients, caregivers, and stakeholders can reach out to these mental health experts. Learn more.

Financial & Co-pay Assistance

The aim is to lessen the heavy financial burden imposed on the families of cancer patients, at least to some extent.

Education Workshops

The aims of such workshops are to raise as much public awareness as we can against preventable cancers (like cervical cancer, lung cancer, and oral cancers), to raise awareness among patients and their families for regular follow-up of the patients and to provide psychological and emotional support to them. Nutrition’s and daily habits related campaign programs will be arranged regularly in different regions.

Information & Publications

We provide information about cancer specialists, cancer care hospitals and radiotherapy facilities available both home and abroad like India, Thailand and Singapore.

We also try to make people aware of preventable cancers by using mass communication media.

Support Groups

Our dedicated volunteer support groups are always ready to help the cancer patients and their relatives.We are committed to help cancer patients and all the services are free of cost and remain confidential. Learn more.

Integrated Management and Treatment of Cancers (IMTC-2020), 17th December 2020