Dr. Muhammad Rifat Al Mazid

June 26, 20200 Comment

Dr.Muhammad Rifat Al Mazid, born in B.baria,Chittagong, Bangladesh. He completed his MBBS from Dhaka Community Medical College. Currently he is employed as an academic co-ordinator in Axis Medical School and is a founding member of CCRTB.

Previously, he served as  Asst.Director of Center for Psychotraumatology and Research  And remained a research intern in Biomedical Research Foundation at Dengue project 2019. His interest remains in Psychosocial, Public Heath & Clinical research and Human rights activist.

He shares a deep passion in cancer care for patients who are in need of special support and attention.dr.rifatdcmc@gmail.com

Integrated Management and Treatment of Cancers (IMTC-2020), 17th December 2020